Front End Developer
with 'Game Designer' skills
Living in the Silicon Valley
5+ years of experience
Fueled by passion and creativity

Mohan Subramanian

Developer. Designer. Dreamer!

Welcome to my portfolio.

    Hello. I am Mohan Subramanian - an innovative 'Developer + Designer', currently working as Front-End Developer at Intuit. I graduated Masters from Carnegie Mellon University. Deeply passionate about developing experiences and applications that are fun, inspiring and engaging for the end-user.

    I'm always on the lookout for new and challenging opportunites. So, don't hesitate to contact me!


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Software Engineer II


Associate Designer

SmallLab + EFSD

Game Designer

Electronic Arts

Game Designer


Game Designer

Nokia Siemens Networks

Software Engineer


UI Intern

Valency systems

Developer Intern

Work Samples

Official projects


Responsive Web Components


Image Tile Game


Hackathon Parking App

SmallLab + EFSD

Educational Games for K-5 students


Multi-device Racing Game

Electronic Arts

WebGL Browser Game (Tower Defense)

Horror Surival Game

Xbox Kinect

Casual Exploration game

HMD VR controller

Story based Slasher

Wii controllers

Movie-themed game

Color Detection Tech

Board Game Designs

Sifteo Cubes app

Social Board game

Tabletop board game

Using Hands-gestures

Dice Game based on

'Tower of Hanoi' concept

Board game expansion

'Three Musketeers 1969'

Hopscotch expansion

'Pose' Hopscotch

"Tag/You'r it" expansion

'Cell'ular Tag

Video Game Designs

Level Designs for

First Person Shooters

1 iPad & 2+ iPhones
connected via Bluetooth

Multi-device Pictionary

Level Design for

Side-scroller Platformer

Arts & Other interests!

Film Production

Tamil Dance Musical

Direction & VFX

Best Editor

Tamil Heist thriller

Editing & VFX

Game Trailer for
Assassin's Creed

Direction & Camera

Visual-Story Class
Team Promo

Co-Direction & Camera

'Karuvizhi Karuvi'
Tamil Sci-Fi drama

Editing & VFX

'Indre Kollum'
Tamil Fantasy thriller

Editing & VFX

'Velai Evanidam'
Tamil Fantasy Comedy

Editing & VFX

'Nallavella Suttutaanga'
Tamil Comedy Fiction

Editing & VFX

Visual Story class
Music Video


Performing Arts